Just a Pipe Dream – Preserving family stories


Barbara Osgood


Hi, I’m Barbara.

I’d like to tell you the back story of the name Just a Pipe Dream  and how my business got started. 


A few years ago my father-in-law came to visit and brought a family heirloom.  It was a pipe bowl carved during the Civil War.   Incredibly,  this was the 1st time that my husband heard of the pipe and it’s story.  I couldn’t believe that such a story was not known by the family.

It became a drive to make sure that our children and grandchildren learned of their great great grandfather’s experience  at the Battle of Antietam.

As a person fascinated by genealogy & history I resolved to not let family stories be lost.

Just a Pipe Dream was born.

I start out each project with an item or picture and then connect the dots to tell a story .  You only need a few dots.  This is how it happened with Daniel Larrabee’s Civil War Pipe Story.  

  • Dot # 1 – The pipe. -The inscription is filled with clues
  • Dot # 2 – found a distant cousin who had a photograph of Daniel Larrabee – Made a copy – and displayed with the pipe
  • Dot # 3 – I then made a trifold story card to display with the pipe.


Connecting the Dots: Pipe – Picture – Story


Using your photos, heirlooms, letters, and memories, I help you Discover, Preserve, and Tell Your Story Your Way.

Books are the most  popular choice for telling a  story . 

Books are easy to share and often become a treasured heirloom. 

Returning soon with updated features


A Lifetime of Stories

was created to provide a way for those who are unable to tell their own story.  It is used as a way for family to share the depth of a person’s life to caregivers.

Who knew that Grampa traveled with the circus?

Remembering … 

is a book of remembrance created with snapshots  gathered and displayed at funeral services. 

Memories gathered during calling hours can also be included. 

This book can bring great comfort to loved ones left behind in the following week, months, and years.

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