Finding a real daughter of the revolution

One of my earliest documents that inspired my genealogy obsession is my grandmother’s DAR paperwork. This paperwork, I was told, could qualify me to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. It sounded like a big deal. Recently I inquired and found out that I’d have to reprove the lineage. The requirements today are not the same as in 1921.

The challenge of proving the connection to a Revolutionary War ancestor is more important to me than simply being able to join the club. I set out to try to find a real daughter of the revolution who happens to me a many times great grandmother. Finding a woman patriot grandmother would be the absolute best. A young girl who lived through the revolution as a daughter of a patriot also fills the bill. She would truly be #realdaughteroftherevolution.

This morning in an email form I got a hint. Jacob Clifford with a DAR symbol.

Who is he? I looked in my genealogy program and found that he was my 4th great grandfather. His daughter Tabitha Clifford Heath was my 3rd great grandmother. This is worth pursuing even though she was born in 1785, two years after the American Revolution. Maybe her mother Abigail has an interesting story. I don’t know anything about her except her first name.

Well look at this! I took a little break and searched on the DAR website. I found Abigail’s last name was Tandy.

More stories for me to find. I hope you will follow along on this adventure.


Bad Mom’s Day

Today  Yesterday, October 30, we celebrate BAD MOM/EVIL STEPMOTHER DAY.  I’m a day late but that’s okay, I’m a Bad Mom. 

What is this day?  I’m glad you asked.

The History

Date: October 30, 1986 (to the best of my recollection – but remember that I am the original Bad Mom).

The scene:  It’s a school night at home, day before Halloween and NO PUMPKIN!  Imagine the drama!  After supper, after a full day of work,  a long commute in southern California, daycare pickup, homework, I went to the grocery store to get a stupid pumpkin.

The store had no more pumpkins.

Crap!  I put on my supermom quick thinking cap.  My creative self decided that we could decorate squash – cute idea, right?  WRONG!  WRONG!  WRONG!

The Reality of that year

Living the southern California mom life included two kids in school, day care, husband who traveled a lot and full time job an hour from home.  I was on the board for the Boy Scout troop after aging out of Den Leader, a Brownie Girl Scout Leader and a PTA board member because I felt the working moms needed a voice at the elementary school.  I had to prove that working moms were good moms even though we had a full-time jobs.  Also, I think that was the year of football and cheerleading after the season of soccer and softball.  We were active with church activities, but I think I did not teach a Sunday school class that year (slacker).   At the church Halloween party, we won best costume.  Look at the picture!  We were awesome!  My Maleficent was a re-purposed bridesmaid dress but the kids were wearing 100%  hand sewn costumes.  A side note,  that Snow White costume is still in service 32 years later.  It most recently was worn at Disneyland by my youngest granddaughter.

In 2008 we added a new category to our exclusive club.  That year we added to 2 generations of BAD Mothers the Evil Stepmother.  Her job is even harder if that seems possible.

And the story continues….  10 years later

Halloween 2018

This year we have the first of a new generation.  My granddaughter has not yet been officially admitted to the club as the little one has not yet turned on her in a moment of anger and frustration and said the magic words….   “You are the worst mother EVER!”  When that day comes we will all be here to welcome her.

Our Mission

To support each other when we hear those words – “You are the worst Mom in the World”

To celebrate the fact that we are all in this together and that one day the sweet cherub who complained will be a member of the club.

As I look back to that time of my life I’m amazed that I did it all.  Every young mom I know has this same level of overwhelm and I am happy to say that I’m not playing that game anymore.  I’m pretty sure that I really wasn’t the first Bad Mom.  I suspect that it was a little secret to keep humans from going extinct.

But No More!   Celebrate with me.  Send a bad mom you know a squash.  Do you want to be on the official member list?  Do you want to nominate someone?   Let me know and you are in!


Just a Pipe Dream Returns!

I’m excited to announce that Just a Pipe Dream is back!

It will focus on  connections, family stories, genealogy, history and fun.  Share my journey as I discover the stories of those who came before me.

We’ll have some of the same products and services as before and a lot of ways to discover and tell your own story.



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